The Pathfinder Badge is Back!

The Pathfinder Badge is a way to recognize members who get out and about with Eastern Star. Those members earning the required points will receive a pin an ribbon at Grand Chapter. There are many options for earning points:

10 points – Attend ND Grand Chapter 2017

15 points – Attend Grand Chapter in another jurisdiction

10 points – Attend an Exchange event

10 points – Attend the Peace Garden Pilgrimage

5 points – Attend a School of Instruction

3 points – Attend Rainbow Grand Assembly

2 points – Attend a chapter meeting other that one you belong to

1 point – Attend your chapter meeting

In addition, there will be a drawing at each official visit to award 5 points to one member in attendance from each chapter in the district hosting the Official Visit.

Total Points Needed = 25

Download and print out a Pathfinder form. When you have completed your Pathfinder requirements, turn your sheet into your Chapter Secretary, who will forward the report to the Grand Warder. Deadline to qualify is April 30, 2018. Only one badge will be awarded per person.