GGC Regenerative Medicine Project

OES- WFIRM Update – August 2016

Greetings from WFIRM!

I hope this finds all of you well and enjoying your summer. We’ve been delighted to welcome many of your members from various chapters to the Institute for tours this summer, and it has been our pleasure to introduce you to the work that we are doing so that you may share that with your folk back home.  Keep those visits and photographs of chapter meetings coming!

New materials

Attached to this email you will find some new flyers for your use.  The first is an OES-WFIRM IMAGINE brochure with updated contact information for the committee members.  The second is a set of three flyers that you can print out for use at your chapter and other meetings with information on WFIRM.  The three can be used as a set or independently; feel free to pick the ones that work best for your groups.

We are also working on another set of materials for you to use with your folk. Planned giving is a wonderful way to provide for both yourself and your family and the causes close to your heart (such as OES and WFIRM).  For those of you traveling on the cruise in January, in addition to the WFIRM faculty, we will have with us a planned giving expert, Mrs. Lori Oswicki, who will be delighted to help you in any way she may on this important planning topic.

We’ll be sending the planned giving material out to you later this fall.


Were all of you able to download the video for your use? If there are some of you that have yet to do so or have encountered difficulties, please let me know and we’ll try to talk you through it so you can have a copy for your ongoing use.

We are also making a number of copies on DVD and can send those to you for use as well. If you are asked to make a presentation, you may want to consider making an introduction, showing the video, and then follow the video with a charge to action – i.e. what people can do to help.

WFIRM news

Please click on this link to a recent news interview with Dr. Atala on WFIRM’s 3D printing research  Fox 8 “Newsmaker”  and read the attached article that you might find useful in telling our story.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to do so already, please visit our website, particularly the news and information sections, and read about the latest exciting developments in our research.

Travel and presentations

Thanks so much to all of you that have issued invitations for me to visit and speak to your chapters and meetings about the Institute.  My schedule is a bit challenging, but I will do my best to do as many of those as I can. The more lead time you can give the better, so many thanks. Please know how very much I am enjoying the wonderful welcome and gracious hospitality of the OES folk I am meeting along with the way.

Question re sharing information

In addition to the committee members, there are many other OES members working on behalf of your campaign. Would it be acceptable to all of you if we included the growing number of volunteers in our informational emails so that they have access to materials, news, etc. to help them help you?

There would need to be some type of regular process in place for them to keep you updated on what they are doing in your assigned area. That would need to work through you, as while we can let you know who we are adding to our mailing list for this campaign we don’t always know exactly what they all are doing.  We know that it will be very important information for you to have as you report back to the main committee so if it helps for us to include them in the general information we are sending we are glad to do so.

In conclusion

Thanks so much to all of for copying me, your chairman Mike Cornell, and each other on progress and relevant news from your individual areas.

Once a month we have an Internal Meeting at WFIRM where all the faculty and senior staff gather. It is always fun to be able to go into those meetings with good news from our OES friends, so keep that good news coming!

As always, best wishes and grateful thanks to all of you from all of us at WFIRM!


Genevra Kelly, MPH
Institute Partnerships
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
336-713-1698 (office)

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