2018 Grand Chapter Registration

It is our pleasure to roll out the red carpet and extend an enthusiastic invitation to the 124th Session of the Grand Chapter of North Dakota. 

We have much to look forward to:

  • The Official Visit of Sister Helen Westmoreland, Most Worthy Grand Matron and Brother Robert Penoyer, Most Worthy Grand Patron
  • The music of laughter among friends old and new
  • The melodies of songs we know and love flowing through the Chapter room
  • The rhythm of marching and dancing feet, having way too much fun
  • The harmony of many hearts gathering together to acknowledge and celebrate another year of the Music of Life among North Dakota Stars
  • And last but not least, the pleasure of many warm hugs because what goes around, comes around, and we have a lot to go around.

So hop onto your Harley, hitch up the horse and buggy, dust off the old bicycle, or just fire up the Chevy and head across the prairie to Jamestown and join us for a great time May 31st thru June 2nd, 2018.

In Star Love,

Cheryl Hewson, Worthy Grand Matron
David Spooner, Worthy Grand Patron

Download the Tentative Schedule, Registration Forms, Housing Information, Travel Information, and Information on our Distinguished Guest Tour.